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You have just had a lovely summer with your brand new Wooden Garden Furniture, but winter is about to kick in and you are concerned about the extreme weather effecting your lovely furniture.

Ideally it is best to put your Wooden Garden Furniture away during the winter months. However this is not always possible if you do not have the space. So the next best option is to cover it with a good weather proof, breathable cover making sure that the middle is the highest point so that the water runs off.

However your furniture is stored in the winter months its appearance will still have changed during the summer months as it acclimatises to the atmosphere that it is exposed to. The wood naturally goes through a process of protection and changes colour to a silver-grey or patina. This unfortunately is unavoidable but it can be slowed down if protected.

You can protect the wood by using teak oil a couple of times through the year to slow the process down and protect it. This should be applied sparingly using a lint free cloth; this can also help protect the wood from cracking.

Teal oil should only be applied once the furniture is washed down making sure any dirt that was build up during the season has been removed. Once the Wooden Garden Furniture is clean, you can gently sand down any rough areas.

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